Monday, March 26, 2012

A Windy Wake-Up Call

The second day of practice was a winding, windy, whiny, and ultimately, winning one. 

The day saw us getting quite lost on the way to the site. When you come to a fork in the road, do you follow the unmarked street on your left or the unmarked street on your right? Neither; you drive up the unmarked residential instead. Duh. 
West Virginia: Because Street Signs Would Be Too Logical 

Still, the detours did give us plenty of time to enjoy the local aesthetic pleasures, natural and otherwise. 
Pictured: Culture
When we finally arrived at the site, we made the unpleasant discovery that the weather was nowhere near as warm as we'd been anticipating. The morning temps were in the 40s, accompanied by a bitter wind that made texturing, coloring, and everything else associated with soil judging (or being outside, for that matter) unpleasant. A few hours of sunshine raised the temperature a bit, but not much, and the wind even seemed to increase. After three sites, we all had cold, stiff, painful fingers and cranky moods (at least I did).

 The day ended well, though, with an early finish, a great dinner at a nearby Kenyan restaurant, and plenty of time for homework and texturing practice. There's a Freeze Warning on right now (seriously, West Virginia?! Are you for real right now?) and morning temps around 28 are predicted, but preemptive shopping trips for gloves, sweatshirts, and handwarmers should make conditions more tolerable tomorrow. If not, these blog posts will likely be much shorter, as I'll have lost a finger or two to frostbite.
Coach Cooper modeling this year's Official Contest t-shirt

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