Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires - We're Headed to Kansas!

Early on Friday morning the University of Minnesota Soil Judging team will leave on our journey to Manhattan, Kansas from Borlaug Hall. Along the way, we will be making stops to look at soils in Iowa and Missouri to provide a broader, regional context for the soils that our students will see in Kansas.

Dr. Mickey Ransom and many others at Kansas State have already done an excellent job in organizing this year's contest. Our students will have an opportunity to describe 17 practice pits in addition to the contest pits over the course of 6 days! - an invaluable experience for future professionals and independent thinkers.

The irreplaceable field experience that our Soil Judgers gain during these trips separates them from their peers. Their dedication and willingness to apply their classroom knowledge represents the very heart and soul of the University of Minnesota and the Land Grant mission.

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who have supported the team this year. Your gifts have allowed 11 students to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and all are deeply appreciative.

The students traveling to Kansas are: Rusty Zimmerman (Captain), Bri Egge, Allison Harvey, Sondra Larson, Luke Ratgen, Stefan Swenson, Teng Vang, Nick Vetsch, Andrea Williams, Amanda Wolff, and Mekuria Zemede.

Thank you all - check back early and often for updates on our trip. We are at one with our textural triangles.