Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tuesday – We are on the road by 7:40 am and easily (only one wrong turn) find our farm where we park on the frosted grass.  So far the only problem was the motel ran out of coffee at breakfast so a Starbucks stop was required.  Our first site was a soil developed in coal mine spoil, all human made.  We did two more sites than had a break for lunch.  The temperature soared up to near 50 by noon, but the cool 30s we started with kept us pretty chilly.  The gloves and hand warmers worked great and some used them as toe warmers in those cold rubber boots.  We did two more sites after lunch, mostly soils with argillics and textures of silt loam or silty clay loam, with a few silty clays thrown in for good measure.  We all got lots of sun and some wind for rosy cheeks.  We got back to the motel around 4:30 and headed to downtown Morgantown for dinner at 5:00.  We found downtown and walked down High Street, the local Thai Restaurant looked inviting so after buying postcards in the Univ. West Virginia gift shot we arrived at 5:50 for dinner.  I figured I would have plenty of time to make my 7:00 pm meeting as there were only 10 tables occupied.  Well the service was slow, the food did not arrive till 6:40, so I was going to be late to the coaches meeting.  The pad Thai I ordered was mild, but the lip burning meal, was almost more than I could master.  I choked it down with a big glass of water.  The others meals looked pretty good, but not exceptional.  I don’t think any of us will get sick.  We left at 6:55 and I arrived at 7:15 for my meeting.  We had trouble finding the room but Tom Rice of Cal Poly helped me out.  We got some information about the contest then the time was spent by a few coaches arguing about the little details.  It seemed the coaches from the East and southeast really like to make lots of minor points about things they saw or did not see.  Anyway, the student’s had dropped me off so I had no way to leave.  I was hoping to catch a ride but the folks who kept walking out were not staying at my motel.  I finally left at 9:30 and called Blair to come and pick me up, which he did.  As it turns out Iowa left just before we did and I could have ridden back with them.  The coaches meeting was mostly disorganized mutterings as the person in charge just wondered from site to site explaining why he did or did not do something, instead of going in an organized manner through each of the soil pits.  That was pretty disappointing, that the items of confusion were not able to be addressed in an organized fashion for all the coaches, not just the few folks from the region who were present for the regional contest, or at least that was my feeling, though I did not stay for the whole mess.  I got home did my e-mail, pictures, blog and went to bed to read the paper.  We arise at 6:30 again tomorrow for the last practice day. 

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