Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday March 25 - day one in the foothills of the Applachia Mountains.

Well the breakfast bar is less than desirable, waffles, cereal and a few dead bananas.  The juice and milk seem OK, and the coffee is drinkable.  I had oatmeal with nuts I brought.  The muffin seemed to have been made within the week.   I think Blair had something while the rest slept in as much as possible.  I think I heard them "getting acquainted" till after 1 am.  After breakfast I filled the water bottles and warmed the car to remove all the foggy windows.  We left the parking area at 7:35am and arrived at our destination after only one wrong turn, the WVa Agronomy farm.  We had 5 soils to do , which is a lot for one day and we all worked together on them until the last site when the lack of sleep began to shrink  the able bodied soil judgers thinking caps.  I decided that since this site was similar to the one that was 20 yards away, we just talked about it while we did a texture and color of the Bw.  The official judges described an argillic horizon but when the data came back the clay content did not increase enough so they called it a cambic.  It sure looked and felt like an argillic.  We looked at Hapludults with silt loam and silty clay loam textures and some Hapludalfs with loam and clay textures.   After a long day in the wind my face was pink.  The sun never came out but we did feel the wind.  The hot shower felt .  After I looked at the sites for tomorrow.  I figured out our plan which requires an early leave as we are going 30 miles to a organic blueberry farm for 5 more sites.  It looks like doing 4 will be another possibility.   Off to dinner after all had a nice rest or did some homework and a meeting on campus at 7:00 for our registration for the event.  Have to pay the registration fee of 20 bucks each.  

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