Thursday, September 21, 2017

Prelude - 2017 ASA Regionals, Redfield South Dakota

Fall is in the air and your University of Minnesota Soil Judging team is back in action! In the early morning hours of Sunday, September 24th, the team will be traveling to Redfield, South Dakota for the 2017 Regional Contest hosted by South Dakota State University.  In and around Redfield, the students will be exposed to the unique soils of the Lake Dakota plain, including features such as Albic, Natric, and Glossic horizons.

Soil Judgers are students of the land and its people. They embody the land grant mission and along the way learn a suite of relevant technical and personal skills that set them apart.  

Follow our journey on this blog (posts will be daily the week of the contest) or on Instagram:

We cannot express enough appreciation for the supporters who have made this trip possible with their financial contributions. In particular, we appreciate the support of the Minnesota Association of Professional Soil Scientists, Minnesota Crop Production Retailers, and several anonymous private donors. Thank you!

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