Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2017 ASA Regionals, Redfield, SD - Day 2

The team had a productive day of practice, describing 4 pits (2 as individuals, 2 as a team) in and around the towns of Redfield and Doland. Our day started with a Haplustoll formed in Alluvium on a stream terrace of the James River.
Haplustoll formed in alluvium on a stream terrace of the James River
Goldy looks on as our judgers share differences of opinion on horizon nomenclature
We then ventured into the Lake Dakota lacustrine plain to describe a Natrustoll formed in lacustrine sediments:

Columnar structure pokes out from below a surficial horizon

Natrustoll formed in lacustrine sediments on the Glacial Lake Dakota Plain
The team wrapped up the day with two pits formed in till just north of the town of Doland SD.
An Argiustoll formed in James Lobe till over Pierre shale residuum.

Fantastic pendants on coarse fragments
Stones exposed at surface of pasture in James Lobe stagnation moraine landscape
The day ended with a team meal and a social night with bowling, darts and pool provided for all attending schools at Starters Lanes in Redfield. Thanks to all of our hosts for what has already been an excellent experience!


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  2. I'm very jealous of the different soil formation factors. Have fun and let your mind be a sponge!

  3. Lots of carbs
    Look for gypsum
    Columnar found
    Natric is in vision
    Lake plain clay
    Good for molding
    Keep It away from Goldy