Tuesday, September 26, 2017

2017 ASA Regionals, Redfield, SD - Day 3

The team had another good day describing pits in the Redfield area. We began our day with two contrasting soils formed in silty Glacial Lake Dakota sediments above a stream terrace of the James River. First, the students described a Calciustoll on a backslope:

A Calciustoll formed in silty Glacial Lake Dakota sediments
Varves in glaciolacustrine parent material
The afternoon was spent describing two soils formed in glacial till in the Redfield Hills (a minor recessional moraine of the James Lobe).

Team scorecard discussion of a Calciustoll formed in glacial till
Goldy at home in South Dakota!
Tomorrow brings our last 4 practice pits southeast of Redfield, followed by a tour of a local ethanol plant. The weather for Thursday (contest day) looks beautiful!

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