Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Region V Soil Judging: Day 3 - ISU Field Extension and Education Laboratory and Lost Lake Farm

Today started much cooler and foggier than the last two. ISU provided 4 pits within the grounds of the Field Extension and Education Laboratory (FEEL), west of Des Moines. These pits gave the students an excellent opportunity to examine a Udoll-Aquoll catena. We began with 2 Hapludolls:

Hapludoll - Backslope, ISU FEEL property.
And ended with a beautiful Endoaquoll in a floodplain:

Endoaquoll - Floodplain, ISU FEEL property
Kalei Holt and Jeff Tanaka discuss texture estimates.
Muhamed Ibrahim and Kat LaBine discuss morphology
and horizon nomenclature.
We are expecting to be working in rain tomorrow and on the competition day, so we described an additional pit as a team at the Lost Lake Farm (owned by the Dietzel Family), an Argiudoll on a summit position. 

Argiduoll - Summit, Lost Lake Farm
The team ended the day with a Q&A session with Gladdie about Tanzanian soils and agriculture.

Assistant Coach Ms. Gladness Brush (Left) fields questions from
students about Tanzanian soils and agriculture.

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