Thursday, October 2, 2014

Region V Soil Judging: Day 4 - Rhodes Farm, Southern Iowa Drift Plain

Today the team described a set of 4 practice pits on the Rhodes farm (ISU property), east of Collins, IA on the Southern Iowa Drift Plain, a loess-mantled landscape. It was raining heavily in the morning, so we spent an hour recapping all of the soils and landscapes we have seen this week. After driving to the Rhodes farm, we described two pits as individuals and one pit as a team. We began with a Hapludalf on a broad ridge:

Followed by a Endoaqualf in an upland drainageway:

And ended with a team judge of a Hapludalf on a backslope:

The team is motivated and ready to get into the pits for the competition tomorrow. Whatever weather may come, tomorrow will be a great day for Soil Judging!

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