Saturday, April 6, 2019

2019 NACTA Soil Judging: The Road to Murray - Day 2 - NC Piedmont Ultisols

The team spent the day looking at soils in the North Carolina Piedmont at the NC State Lake Wheeler Research Farm outside of Raleigh, NC. After a brief area orientation from Dr. Matt Ricker (pedologist, NC State), the team described an upland soil formed in residuum on a backslope. It was the first time most of our students had ever used the 2.5YR and 5YR color pages!

A Typic Kanhapludult formed in residuum on a shoulder position
Simply amazed at these soils!
We took a quick break to take a picture with Drs. Mike Vepraskas, Matt Ricker, and the NCSU SSC 452 course before they headed west on a field trip.

UMN, NCSU, and a beautiful NC Piedmont soil!
In the afternoon, our students took a shot at describing the NC state soil (the Cecil):

The Cecil, a Typic Kanhapludult
Tonight we're in the Blue Ridge, and tomorrow onward through the mountains to Knoxville, TN. Stay Frosty!