Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 Nationals: Manhattan, KS - Day #8

Your Minnesota judgers just finished their two team pits. Today is much less windy than it has been all week, so all teams had good conditions in which to describe the final pits of the contest. I have been unbelievably impressed with the quality of discussion on this year's team - debating the merits of different parent materials, looking carefully for evidence of various features, and most importantly pulling out of the pit every now and again to place the soil and interpretations in landscape context. We don't know yet how we will place, but in so many ways the point is moot. Spirits are high, and the destination has already been embedded in the journey of education, scholarship, and fieldcraft that we have undertaken together. More updates later:

The Minnesota machine cranking out a team description
Minnesota team judgers: Teng Vang, Andrea Williams, Sondra Larson, Amanda Wolff, Nick Vetsch, Luke Ratgen and Rusty Zimmerman

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