Thursday, April 7, 2016

2016 Nationals: Manhattan, KS - Day #6

Today the team finished the final practice pits at the Mengel farm, just west of Randolph, KS. The group described four pits, a Haplustoll formed in residuum at a shoulder position, two Argiustolls on backslopes, and an Argiustoll on a stream terrace.

The team finished the day with an excellent (!) scorecard, so spirits are high. Tomorrow the contest begins with individual judging (3 pits) and Friday there will be two team judged pits.

I am continually impressed by the dedication, professionalism and hunger for knowledge displayed by our students. Soil judging is about the journey and the experience and education gained along the way - by any measure these students have achieved great things. 20 pits described in 6 days!

Goldy assists in a group judge of a Haplustoll formed in limestone residuum
Please join me in wishing our students the best of luck tomorrow. They are at one with their textural triangles.

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  1. Best wishes as the competition begins. All of us back here in St. Paul are proud of all you have already accomplished. Win, lose or draw you have having an amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life and expanding your pedological horizons (no pun intended) along the way.

    Go get em Gophers.