Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 NACTA Soil Judging - The Road to Norfolk

Your Gopher Soil Judging team shoveled themselves out early Monday morning and met in the front of Borlaug Hall at 5AM in 23 degree weather. Spirits were high, smiles abounded, and all were motivated and dedicated.

A motivated 2018 UMN NACTA Soil Judging squad prior to leaving for Norfolk, NE. L-R: Geneva Nunes, Gabe Benitez (in sandals), Harley Braun, Devon Brodie (Captain), Matt Bluhm, Autumn Boxum, Morgan Fabian, Will Effertz.
 We made a brief detour on or way to Norfolk, stopping by the Murray Hill Overlook near Little Sioux, IA. That pit stop allowed us to discuss eolian processes and the formation of the Loess Hills while standing on top of 150-200ft of loess overlooking the Missouri River valley in western IA.

UMN Soil Judging walking down a ridge trail at the Murray Hill Overlook near Little Sioux, IA. To the west in the floodplain of the Missouri River. The team is on a bluff comprised of loess. 

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