Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 NACTA Soil Judging - Day 2

The team woke up to two inches of snow in Norfolk and it started feeling more like home. The team described 4 pits on the Northeast Community College campus farm, two as individuals and two as a team. These soils were formed in eolian sand and glacial till.

2 inches of fresh snow in Norfolk, NE on Tuesday morning!
Autumn Boxum, Gabe Benitez, and Harley Braun working on individual descriptions of a soil formed in eolian sand.
A beautiful former Mollisol (now currently classified as an Inceptisol) formed in colluvium with a 40cm mantle of post-settlement eolian sand over the top on a toselope position.
NECC Farm showing glacial till/morainal landscape on the left and center, with a lower, eolian sand landscape and floodplain in the far right corner.
Matt Bluhm, Gabe Benitez, and Morgan Fabian working on individual descriptions of a soil formed in Pre-Illinoian glacial till.
A soil formed in Pre-Illinoian glacial till. This pit did a really nice job of showing the students the variability of the till in the area.


  1. I'll take the rain we had during the Missouri Competition over snow any day! Good luck team! Stay warm!

  2. Good morning Gophers,

    Good luck on your soil adventures, remember to look out for Sioux Quartzite glacial erratics,carbonates and columnar structure. As always have fun, stay warm, and keep your soil textural triangles close.

    Luke Ratgen

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