Friday, September 25, 2015

2015 Region V Collegiate Soil Judging Contest: The Results!


We received the scores this morning and I'm utterly delighted to tell you that the UMN Soil Judging team won the overall contest!!! The scores were:

Overall Results

1st place, University of Minnesota, 1917 points
2nd place, Iowa State University, 1914 points
3rd place, Kansas State University, 1864 points
4th place, South Dakota State University, 1814 points
5th place, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1772 points

The Region V traveling trophy will be coming back to Minnesota! Congratulations, Team, you were fantastic!

Photo 1. Team Captain, Rusty Zimmerman, proudly holds the Region V Traveling Trophy for the Overall Competition Winner. Great job, Team!!

UMN Placed 3rd in group judging in one of the tightest competitions in years. The first three places were separated by a single point! The scores were:

Group Judging Results

1st place, South Dakota State University, 668 points
2nd place, Iowa State University, 667 points (won tiebreaker)
3rd place, University of Minnesota, 667 points
4th place, Kansas State University, 637 points
5th place, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 623 points

Individual Judging Results

The individual scores were also very good for the team, with two individuals placing in the top ten. Sondra Larson collected the 5th place award and Andrea Williams came in 6th.

Three teams (SDSU, ISU, and UMN) will go to the 2015-2016 National Soil Judging Competition, to be held in Manhattan, Kansas, this coming spring.

I give my heartiest congratulations to the team - they were a REAL TEAM, with great spirit, collaboration, and camaraderie. It has been a great experience working with them and I look forward to more experiences with them as they prepare for the upcoming national contest.

I will post additional photos and information in the next couple of days, but wanted to share the great news now!!

Yay TEAM!!

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  1. From Retired Coach Cooper
    Congratulations: Very Exciting Win in the Wet soils of the North Woods. I am very proud of your efforts. Way to Go Eric and Ed! Always a good feeling when the team does a great job after some great coaching. It will be a wonderful experience in Kansas as Randy gets the National ready for you. I suspect the soils will be a little drier on the Konzaga Prairie in April. Be ready for old till, alluvium and residuum with some Ochrepts, Ustalfs, and Usterts thrown in for good luck.