Monday, September 3, 2018

2018 University of Minnesota ASA Regional Soil Judging: A Prelude and Thank You

As we round the corner into early September, the ASA Regional Soil Judging Contest is just a couple of weeks away. Students return to campus tomorrow and a traveling team of eight highly motivated, highly dedicated soil judgers will represent the University of Minnesota in Manhattan, KS from September 16th-21st for the 2018 ASA Region V Soil Judging Contest!

First and foremost, we would like to thank the continued generosity of a group of private donors who make our travel possible. Without you, the amazing experience that is Soil Judging would not be available to our students. We are forever grateful for your contributions.

Soil Judging remains the most important experiential opportunity for soils students. Our students will improve their ability to read landscapes, describe soil profiles, and make use and suitability interpretations. And in a much deeper sense, they will learn to be bridge builders, connecting with people through a shared love of the land and the soil resource that crosses all ethnic, cultural and political boundaries. For this reason, they are world changers, representing the heart and soul of the University of Minnesota and the United States Land Grant mission.

Follow our blog for updates on class activities through the contest, and...

Be at one with your textural triangles!



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