Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 NACTA Soil Judging - Day 3

The team finished the practice sites by completing four descriptions on a bluebird eastern Nebraska day on the Henzler Farm in Pierce County. The site was mantled by loess and eolian sands on the uplands. After what seems like weeks of snow, spirits were high!

Henzler site on a beautiful Nebraska morning.
The first site was an Inceptisol formed in eolian stand on a ridge top. The soil was still frozen in the morning, but with a little bit of body heat and the rising sun, texturing wasn't too difficult.

Ridge tops at the Henzler site underlain by sandy/loamy eolian material. 
A Haplustept formed in eolian material on a ridge top.
By the time we got to the second pit of the day, the sun was fully up, but there was still frost in the pit, as this pit was a colluvial soil on a concave landscape position that had been completely filled by drifted snow in the days prior.

A Haplustoll formed in loamy co-alluvium derived from loess and eolian sands.
 We finished the day with a team pit, and then took a drive to the west to loop through the easternmost part of the Nebraska Sandhills before returning to Norfolk.

Thursday Flannel Day for UMN Soil Judging. Back Row (L-R) Nic Jelinski (Coach), Will Effertz, Gabe Benitez, Matt Bluhm, Devon Brodie (Captain). Front Row (L-R) Morgan Fabian, Geneva Nunes, Harley Braun, Autumn Boxum.

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